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The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?

The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?

One of the most important parts of a good night’s sleep is making sure you have enough room. To find the best mattress size for you, consider these tips:

  • Your mattress should be longer than the tallest person sleeping on it
  • If only 1 person will be sleeping in the bed, a Twin, Twin XL or Full size mattress are good options
  • If 2 adults will be sleeping in the bed, a Queen, King, or California King bed is your best option. To make sure, test the bed width by seeing if there is enough space to fold your arms behind your head without going beyond the mattress edge or touching your partner’s elbow
  • If pets or kids will be jumping into bed with you, go up another size

Here's a rundown of the details you need to know about each size of mattress...

Twin Mattresses

  • 39” x 75“
  • AKA a single bed
  • Great for 1 child or 1 adult sleeper, although the length of the mattress might be too short for an adult
  • Often used for children's rooms, bunk beds, daybeds, and smaller spaces like guest bedrooms

Twin XL Mattresses

  • 39” x 80”
  • Great space savers and popular in many college dorms
  • Same width as a Twin, but offers 5-6" more in length
  • Adults looking for a Twin to create more living space might be better suited with the extra length this size provides

Full Mattresses

  • 54” x 75”
  • AKA a double or standard bed
  • 15" wider than a Twin
  • Ideal for 1 person since it would only provide about 27" of sleep space each for 2 people (the equivalent of a crib mattress)
  • Might be too short for adults taller than 5’5”
  • Great choice for growing children
  • Extra room allows space for parents to comfortably lie down while tucking kids in for the night

Queen Mattresses

  • 60” x 80”
  • Most popular mattress size
  • Provides more width than a Full by about 6", adding just enough room to comfortably fit 2 sleepers
  • Good choice for growing children, taller adults, guest rooms, or couples that like to sleep closer together
  • Great compromise for those who need the extra space it provides over a Full, while giving more living space than a King

King Mattresses

  • 76” x 80”
  • AKA an Eastern King or Standard King
  • A favorite choice for couples, space permitting, because it gives couples almost the equivalent of a Twin XL of sleeping room each
  • Great for growing families or pet owners that share their bed

California King Mattresses

  • 72” x 84”
  • AKA a Western King
  • Offers an extra 4" of space for taller adults
  • 4" narrower than a king size mattress, but gives each sleeper 6" more width than a Queen
  • Additional length makes this size ideal for adjustable beds, providing ample length even with the head and/or foot elevated
  • If you often share your bed with children or pets, this larger size is a great choice

Which Mattress Size is Right for You?

Let us know in the comments!
TMG: The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?