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Living Room Layouts: 5 Ways to Arrange a Couch

Living room with a fireplace, a gray sofa and two gray checked armchairs on a gray patterened rug

Have you ever looked around your living room and thought, "I need a change?" It may be easier than you think. You don't have to break the bank to achieve a fresh new look in your living room. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a couple of small pieces and a little rearranging. 

Recently, Weekends Only tried doing just that. We arranged 1 room of furniture in 5 ways to demonstrate how different layouts can look and feel. You may be surprised by what we discovered!

A New Layout can Change the Way a Living Room Feels

Some people love watching movies on the couch. Others yearn for a reading nook or the perfect setting for conversation. The right layout – that is, the arrangement of your sofa, coffee tables, and accent chairs – allows your living room to be both functional and stylish. The wrong layout, on the other hand, can make your living room feel cramped or unwelcoming.

As you plan a new layout, consider these questions:

  • How will you and your family use the room? Will there be a lot of traffic through the room?
  • What do you want guests to see and feel when they first walk in? Is there a focal point you'd like your guests to notice, like a fireplace or a special work of art?
  • Should the room feel open and friendly or cozy and private?

Figuring out how you want your space to look, feel, and function can help you discover the perfect arrangement. There's so much you can do with just a few basic elements!

4 Layout Possibilities You'll Love (And 1 You Should Avoid)

This sitting room is located just off the entryway of the home, and it features a fireplace flanked by shelving. Here are 5 ways we approached this room:

1. Accent chairs on one side of the fireplace, facing a couch on the other, with plenty of space in the middle.

side view of white couch facing two grey checkered accent chairs up against a window

back view of white couch facing two grey checkered accent chairs up against a window

This layout offers plenty of space, both around the front door and within the living room. The arrangement is traditional, but nothing feels too formal or cramped. Because the couch and chairs face one another, conversation with guests becomes the focus in this room. While the couch creates a divider between this seating area and the dining room, your guests can easily walk around when it's time for dinner. The entire layout feels open and welcoming.

2. Couch against the window, facing two accent chairs.

back view of grey checkered accent chairs across from a white couch up against the window

side view of two grey checkered accent chairs across from a white couch against a window

This is a reverse view of our first option. One thing we love about this layout is how it changes the way the couch feels. You can sit in the sunlight and read a book or have a clean line of sight to the dining room. This layout can feel a bit more casual, but it offers lots of open space for easy movement. Want to make this layout more stylish? Try floating the couch so that it isn't pushed right up against the window. This allows for more mobility within the room.

3. A U-shaped layout with the couch facing the fireplace and an accent chair on either side.

side view of a u-shaped layout with the white couch facing the white fireplace and a grey checkered accent chair on either side

left angled view of a u-shaped layout with the white couch facing the white fireplace and a grey checkered accent chair on either side

This layout keeps the focus on the fireplace and on the conversation. As you can see, it gives a more formal look to this part of the home, with clean lines and right angles. It also leaves enough space for guests to easily move throughout the room. This can make the room feel more accessible, while still keeping things traditional

4. Couch facing the fireplace with accent chairs flanking the fireplace and angled in.

back view of white couch facing white fireplace with grey checkered accent chairs flanking the fireplace and angled in

side view of white couch facing white fireplace with grey checkered accent chairs flanking the fireplace and angled in

In a room with such a clear focal point like a fireplace, moving the furniture to draw attention to the space makes sense. This layout gives homeowners a way to both feature the fireplace and décor on the mantle and shelves and also create a cozy space for conversation. This arrangement does a couple of interesting things. First, it makes the conversation space more intimate. Second, it separates the space from the entryway. This serves to make the space feel a bit more private and cozy. Finally, don't forget to choose lighting that will warm up the space! A rug, perfectly placed, brings the whole arrangement together.

5. How Not to Place a Couch. Positioned in front of the fireplace, facing the rest of the home, with accent chairs on either side.

front view of white couch against the fireplace facing the rest of the home with accent chairs on either side

Here's a great example of what NOT to do. In this arrangement, we've covered up what should be a focal point of the room: the fireplace! While this arrangement is certainly open and accessible, it's not ideal. When you have a unique feature in your home, don't hide it; show it off!

3 More Layout Tips

As you experiment with arrangements, don't forget these tips!

1. Consider Traffic Flow

No one wants to turn a corner and walk smack into the back of a sofa. Instead, you want to design your room so that there's plenty of space around doorways and entrances, and a clear path from one end of the room to the other. Similarly, no one wants to feel crowded by furniture that's too large for the room! You'll want to purchase pieces that are appropriately sized, or limit the number of furniture choices in the room. Ultimately, you want enough room between your sofa, your coffee table, your side chairs, and other elements so that your living room doesn't feel cramped.

2. Don't Hug the Walls

Despite what you may believe, couches don't have to be pushed against the wall! In fact, letting the couch "float" a few inches from the wall can make the living room look airy, stylish, and inviting. Try it!

3. Balance is Key

As with any sort of art or design, balance is essential. What that means is that you should round out a large piece of furniture on one side of your room with two smaller pieces on the other, or counteract a large TV with something weighty enough on the other side of the room so that the space doesn't feel lopsided or uneven. We think each one of the layouts above does a great job of bringing balance to the space.

Let Weekends Only Help You Design the Perfect Living Room

If we can help you find the perfect accent chair or create a cozier feel in your living room, let us know! Our team is always ready to give you advice or lead you to a new piece of furniture you'll love. Whether you need to add a little change to your space, or you want a completely new room, Weekends Only has a huge selection of furniture at prices you will love. Shop our living room furniture now or visit one of our stores to see the latest! 

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