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Living Room Layout: Sofa or Sectional?

Living Room Layout: Sectional or Sofa? Gray Soft and Loveseat with blue accent pillows and ottoman

Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. So, the question is, does a sectional or a sofa/chair combination optimize your space the most? We look at the pros and cons of sectional sofas and traditional sofa and chairs layouts. From lounging after dinner and a long day at work on a Monday night, to hosting a gathering of friends and family and entertaining with adequate space and seating, everyone wants a sofa or sectional, and we’ll help you choose!

Sectional Sofas

Grey Sectional Sofa with Chair and Patterned Ottomon

Sectionals are gaining popularity as the go-to alternative to traditional sofa and loveseat seating in the living room. Sectionals usually offer more layout flexibility and convenient features. In addition to that, sectionals are easier to move and are sometimes cheaper than sofa and chair pairings. So, what are the other benefits?

The Surprising Solution to Small Spaces: The Sectional Space-Saver

Sectionals seem big and imposing to some, but if you measure the footprint and think about your layout, sectionals actually offer you more efficient and less cramped seating. Want to do more with less? Instead of grouping a sofa/chair combination together too tightly, opt for a sectional. Sectionals are great for those with small spaces that like to entertain.

Not only do sectionals fit smaller spaces better, they also offer more convenient storage options. For example, sectionals come in many different combinations and many combos offer smart storage accommodations like storage chaises or include storage ottomans, in addition to smart storage consoles that break up the seating in sectional sofas.

A Casual and Cozy Centerpiece

Sectionals usually fit 4-6 people and are great for lounging and for family that enjoy the closeness that comes with sectional seating. In practice, sectionals are cozy and close, but visually, sectionals look grand and come in many styles, from elegant modern designs to charming traditional vibes.

Sectionals offer more than a traditional sofa in that they have more versatile seating options for optimal comfort. For example, sectionals with recliners or chaises for sleeping and lounging. Sleeper sectionals also offer the convenience of pull-out beds for overnight guests.

Accommodating Features & Built-In Extras

If you love theater-style seating and lounging around watching movies and TV, sectionals have many added features to make you more comfortable and accommodated. From USB power strip charging stations to cup holders and convenient consoles, sectionals are designed to serve you and your needs.

Traditional Sofa Seating

Grey Sofa and Loveseat with grey and orange patterned chair, ottoman and accent pillows

Sofas are a great option for those who like to mix and match. While a sofa alone doesn’t provide comprehensive seating, pairing it with a set of chairs, a loveseat, or a chaise come together to bring you just as much seating as a spacious sectional. Let’s explore some more of the benefits of sofa combinations.

More Open and Less Crowded Layout

If you have more space to work with, sofas with accompanying set of chairs or a loveseat break up the space better to make your living room look more open. In turn, this makes your living room even seem bigger and more visually pleasing.

More Spacious Seating

While sectionals typically fit 4-6 people, a sofa paired with a set of chairs more comfortably seats 5. So, if you or your guests value personal space over intimate seating that comes with a sectional, then a sofa/chairs combo is the way to go.

Sofas Offer Added Features Too

While sectionals more commonly offer added features like reclined seating and cup holders, sofas offer all the same features if you make a point to search for them specifically. For example, the Hunter Chocolate Brown Power Reclining Sofa offers reclined seating, cup holders, and center console.

Whether you choose a sectional or traditional sofa/loveseat configuration for your living room, Weekends Only can help you find the perfect piece for your style and budget. Check out our full selection of living room furniture here, or visit one of our store locations this weekend.