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3 Easy Ways to Punch Up Your Summer Style

By Ashley 
5/13/2014 11:38:00 AM

This is the perfect time of year to punch up your home’s style and we’re here to help while also keeping your budget in mind.

1. Add a new rug.

Adding a new rug can completely transform a space. Rather than cluttering your space it defines it & boy, do we have a lot of options available for your defining moment! Often when I start sifting through different rug options I am surprised by the price tags and can't help but think "buy a new rug this month or make my car payment?" - well that's ridiculous! Instead, I want options: style, price, and size options. Below, I've outlined a few favorites from the lineup available at Weekends Only. With great syles at these price points, you can take home a new rug you'll love AND keep your car.

Under $100 - Rivera Outdoor Rug Under $200 - Bliss Area Rug Under $300 - Florentine Area Rug
red and cream flower petal pattern rug green and yellow x pattern rug gray zig zag rug

2. Change out your sofa pillows.

This is one of the least expensive ways to update your style, which is definitely what makes it my favorite. Do you change your mind? Do you see a great new style on Pinterest and then all of a sudden get an image in your head of how you can make that happen in your own home? The struggle is real. Often I’m challenged to freshen up my space using what I already have or with a limited budget and accent pillows are my go-to move. They are inexpensive, which means I can change my mind twice in one season, freshen up my style and still not break the bank!

We have so many cute ones to choose from right now, it’s going to be tough so I’ll stick to two color pallets, blue & orange, and give you my top 4!

Super cute Very Cute Extra cute And CUTE!