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5 Reasons Every Home Should Have a Fireplace

By Ashley 
11/19/2013 1:53:00 PM

Note: Some more serious than others, you be the judge.

1. Nothing goes better with your favorite glass (or two) of wine.

Couple Cuddling in front of Electric Fireplace

Picture this… You’re sinking into the comfort of your favorite spot on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, thinking this moment couldn’t feel more perfect and then with two small acts, it becomes even more enchanting. A glass, filled with the promising taste of your preferred vino is placed in your hand and shortly thereafter as you are overwhelmed by that first-sip-of wine-feeling, a light flickers just across from you. In a matter of seconds you are completely removed from the reality of your day. For the remainder of that glass you are engulfed in an oasis of perfection across from the warming glow of your remote controlled electric fireplace and forever thankful for this moment. Then without warning you are presented with the sudden realization that this moment would not have been possible, had you not stopped by Weekends Only last weekend and taken home your very own moment of serenity, also known as, your new electric fireplace. GO. YOU.

2. Not all fireplaces are priced out of your budget.

It’s winter, we want you to be warm and we’re willing to prove it by presenting you with big savings on over 12 fireplace options. With savings of up to 30% on our selection of fireplaces, you’ll be excited to know we definitely have one that fits your budget. We’ve priced our fireplaces against other stores and what we found has proven to be great news for you. Identical fireplaces are selling elsewhere for hundreds more than Weekends Only prices.  We understand if you don’t finish reading the other 3 really awesome reasons… you’ve probably already moved on to picking out your new fireplace!

3. In movies when it’s snowing there is always a fireplace and aren’t movies just like real-life?

During this time of year we have two sources of blame for the “Why can’t my life be just like a move?!” mentality – The Hallmark® channel and (you know what’s coming) ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas Movies. The pictures painted in these movies are not only perfect but they are perfectly warm too! Fireplaces in the backdrop of every scene, constant smiles on the faces of children and mothers with perfect hair and make-up as they roll out of bed in the morning. PA-LEASE! Maybe if they would consider an older brother with his younger sibling in a headlock and a mom with what we’ll call “the messy sophisticated look” piled on the top of her head (still beautiful of course!) AND a fireplace in the background, then we could get a little closer to reality. In fact, as we go through this scenario, the only real thing from any of those precious holiday movies we cherish is, well… the fireplace.

4. It’s like a candle on steroids and we love us some candles.

Tall Brown Wood Electric Fireplace with drawers in Your Living Room

They make a house feel more like home. It’s the warming and soothing nature of a candle that gets us every time, to the point it’s not unusual to have 5 or 6 lit around the house. Come on, you know you’re guilty of it too. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to reduce that down to just one controlled yet far greater and more effective form of soothing comfort? Let’s think. How could we possibly do that… oh yeah, with a fireplace! Electric Fireplaces are a great source of ambiance with or without the heat turned on full blast.

5. Electric fireplaces will warm your home quickly without the hassle of burning wood.

A wood-burning fireplace can be a more labor intensive project than one might hope for during the cold winter months. Electric fireplaces offer the beauty and class of a fireplace in your home without the need to cut/purchase wood or encounter the dangers smoke can present if not properly vented. They use as much energy as a blow dryer, are “clean” and can easily warm a large living room 10 degrees or 4 or 5 or 6 degrees.. it’s really up to you. It’s just you and the remote. YOU are the master of your own electric fireplace setting.

While this post proves we were just having a little fun with the electric fireplace as our prop, it also goes to show a few great reasons why adding a fireplace to your home can provide just that little oomph your décor has been searching for and we promise after carrying a few too many shopping bags in from the car, your cold little hands will thank you too!