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Get Organized This Year

By Taylor Blake 
12/29/2014 3:00:00 PM 

Get Organized This Year With Tips From Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress

It’s the last week of the year, and ‘tis the season for resolutions.

Perhaps you’ve tried New Year’s resolutions before, such as living a healthier lifestyle, handling money more wisely, or reducing stress. But did you know there is another resolution that can help you with each of those?

Organization is that handy tool, although it often seems like a daunting task. If your goal for the year is to organize your home, be sure to conquer these familiar roadblocks.

Problem #1: You can’t organize when you don’t remember where anything is.

Storage cabinets with baskets allow you to hide and organize clutter.

Mounds of papers cover your tabletops and your closets overflow because you keep anything that enters your door. Part of organization is choosing what deserves to own space in the place you call home. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye to certain items, reduce the clutter with these steps:

  1. Go through what you have and decide if each item has earned a spot in your life. Organization expert Liz Witts says, "If you need to spend more than 15 seconds thinking about what something is, or when you last used it, or why you even have it, then you probably don't need it." Pitch or donate anything you can’t give a good answer for, including things with sentimental value.
  2. Find a “home” for everything you keep (from phone chargers to healthy recipes you want to try) to avoid losing them to the black hole again.
  3. To prevent future buildup, consider a “One In/One Out” rule. For example, for every new sweater you buy, donate another to use the same amount of space in your closet.

Problem #2: Re-organizing seems like adding another full-time job.

Your biggest reason for not starting any major re-organizations is you can’t seem to find the time. Don’t pressure yourself to find domestic zen by January. Instead, divide the work into bite-size goals you can accomplish throughout the year. Rearrange the basement when you box up the Christmas tree in January, but wait until the weather warms up in April to tackle the garage. “Alphabetize the DVDs this afternoon,” sounds less scary than, “Re-organize every nook and cranny of the house this afternoon.”

Problem #3: A Netflix marathon (or really, anything else) sounds way more fun.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a good idea but also like many miserable afternoons ahead of you, remember the perks. Will cataloged drawers mean you won’t forget to pay the bills on time? Will you arrive at work sooner because you don’t need to search for your keys every morning? Will a better-designed bathroom prevent arguments with family members or roommates? If that’s not enough, create incentive. Find stylish baskets that make you want to store objects away or reward yourself with an evening off after completing your next benchmark.

Getting your home organized is a large task, but the rewards can be life-changing. If nothing else, think of how great it will be to start 2016 knowing where to find everything!