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How To Choose The Best Power Reclining Furniture For Your Home

There is nothing better than coming in from a long day at work, or a long day of yard work, getting yourself a cool drink, and sitting down in a comfortable recliner. As you lean back, your body sinks into the cushion– it's the definition of relaxation. That's probably why reclining furniture, including chairs and couches, became popular. Today, they're a must-have for families who demand comfort along with their style. The options have expanded as the technology has, so if you are looking for the best power reclining furniture for your budget, then look no further.

Today's Power Recliners Have Upped the Relaxation Game

Luckily for us, reclining furniture has evolved. Gone are the jerky levers that *clunk* your body into a reclining position. Today's power recliners, and even manual recliners, have made a great feature even better.

Here are just a few of the benefits of power reclining furniture:

  • Power recliners allow you to stop your reclining position at any point. This is perfect for those who want a few more choices between "up" and "down."
  • Power recliners close with a push of a button. They're also much easier to get out of. For individuals with mobility issues, this is a big help.

Before you buy, it's helpful to know a little more about power reclining furniture. We can help!

Three Types of Power Recline Functions Available in Today's Reclining Furniture

When furniture sellers talk about reclining furniture, they generally refer to three different types: power recline, dual power recline, and triple power recline.

Power Recline

These types of recliners use a single motor to activate the reclining function. Like a traditional recliner, the head and the feet recline together, to offer one of the comfiest spots in your home. They require a power source and normally function with push button operation. Power recliners can be easier to operate than manual recliners and add a little touch of technology to your relaxation game. Many of these styles also offer USB ports to charge your devices while relaxing.

Dual Power Recline

For those who want to take their relaxation up a notch, a dual power sofa or chair may be the way to go. Dual power furniture uses two motors for optimal comfort: one controlling the headrest and one controlling the footrest. This allows you to find the optimal position for movie night or the big game. These types of recliners also require a power source and function with push button operation.

Triple Power Recline

For those who want the best recliner on the market, you can’t go wrong with furniture that features triple power reclining. This type of furniture uses three motors: one that controls the headrest, one that controls the footrest, and one that provides lumbar support. You have full control of your comfort levels when you are sitting in the best seat in the house. These styles sometimes include an attached hand-held remote for operation. Like the other types of recliners, they require a power source.

Additional Features Available in Reclining Furniture

Understanding the difference between these types of reclining furniture can give you an advantage when you shop for a reclining sofa, loveseat, or chair. But wait – there's more! Many models come with additional features, like these:

  • Cupholders
  • Storage consoles and side pockets 
  • Drop-down tables 
  • Lights for reading
  • Ambient “theater style” light features at the base
  • USB or wireless charging
  • Heat and massage functions
  • Different options for seat covers, including fabric, genuine leather, or  high-performance faux leather

Styles Available In Reclining Furniture

In addition to cool tech and stylish lighting, reclining furniture has become far more versatile over the years. Recliners aren’t limited to the single seat options that you might be familiar with, rather, they have evolved to fit every type of room and need. From dedicated home theater rooms to cozy reading nooks, Weekends Only has a range of reclining furniture options.

This model features a cupholder and a hand-held remote that controls heating and massage functions.

This center console has it all: cupholders, USB ports, power outlets, and reading lights for your convenience. It even comes with a wireless charging port for your phone.

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