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The Leather Guide: 4 Reasons We Love Top Grain Leather

The Leather Guide: 4 Reasons We Love Top Grain Leather | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Leather lends a certain elegance to a room that never goes out of style. Nothing looks as classy or as classic as leather furniture!

Top grain leather comes from the "top" or outermost, premium layer of cowhide. It’s the least processed and most natural of leather, making it the highest quality leather we offer. It’s also why you’ve probably heard leather décor described as “sleek” and “high-end” before.

But besides the look, what’s so great about leather furniture? Here’s a list of the top 4 reasons we love top grain leather.

Reason #1: Durable and easy to maintain

Quality leather is a remarkably durable material that will offer many years of comfort. If taken care of, a top grain leather piece can last 10 to 15 years.

Leather is four times more durable than fabric, making it ideal for parents and pet owners alike. Because it’s the highest quality of leather, it is also the priciest. But, when considering price, remember that a leather sofa will last at least as long as three fabric sofas. So, it’s an investment, but one that pays off in the long run. (And don’t worry—you’ll always find the best prices at Weekends Only!) Leather furniture only gets better with age.

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Reason #2: Ages beautifully & develops a unique patina

Since leather furniture can be a part of your home for over a decade, it’s important to note that it ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time.

A patina is a soft sheen that develops on the surface of high-quality, genuine leather. The less the leather is processed, the better and more pronounced the patina will be. So top grain leather furniture pieces end up displaying the most beautiful patinas.

Because no two animal hides are exactly the same, each piece of authentic leather has unique natural characteristics. A patina is leather’s trademark of graceful aging, imparting a character and personality to each individual piece. A patina does not affect the longevity or sturdiness of a product. If anything, it only increases the beauty, the value, and the feel of the product.

In addition, when leather is dyed, the color is actually absorbed into the material. That means that the color doesn’t fade. Scuffs and wear areas retain their color and strength.

Leather lovers particularly cherish the weathered look that comes with regular use and passage of time. Like all good things in life, a patina comes to those who wait.

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Reason #3: Comfortable feel

Leather has a soft yet strong texture that gets softer and softer over time, making it more comfortable. And the notion that leather is cold is a misconception—leather takes on the temperature of your body within 12 seconds.

Real leather gives the look of luxury, but also a comfy feel.

Reason #4: Practical

It doesn’t have to stop at a luxurious look and feel – leather is practical too.

Great for pet owners and allergy sufferers alike, leather sectional couches have a naturally breathable surface that pet dander and other allergens don’t cling to.

Unlike upholstery, the color of your leather piece doesn't make a difference when it comes to regular maintenance. Leather is easy to take care of when maintained properly; it only needs a regular wiping with a clean, damp cloth. Ideally, the only special treatment leather needs is to be conditioned twice a year with leather conditioner. Many real leather products are also treated to help prevent stains.

Top grain leather is easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to dirt and allergens.

Want stylish, comfortable furniture that actually improves with age? Then invest in leather and make a lasting impression in your living room.

A durable and attractive material that comes in a variety of styles, colors – you are sure to find the perfect leather piece to fit your lifestyle needs as well as décor preferences.

Our selection of 100% top grain leather pieces have top grain leather covering the entire piece of furniture - everything from top grain leather sectionals to leather chairs and leather sofas.

Why do you love top grain leather? Tell us in the comments!

The Leather Guide: 4 Reasons We Love Top Grain Leather Brown | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress