Maddox Contemporary Dining Room

Maddox Contemporary Dining Room Idea
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  1. Maddox Oval Extendable Dining Banquette Set and Chairs
    Maddox Oval Extendable Dining Banquette Set and Chairs
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Contemporary Dining Room Idea

Contemporary and cutting-edge, there’s no doubt that you will have the most stylish home in the neighborhood with the Maddox Dining Room! This room idea emphasizes clean, smooth edges and designs, and has simple patterns and accents to spruce up the furniture without coming off too strong. People who appreciate a luxurious, fashion-forward aesthetic will appreciate the minimalism and black-and-white color scheme of this set.

Weekends Only has a handsome selection of modern dining table sets to get you started on this contemporary dining room idea. Steer away from distressed finishes and burnished edges – your go-to should be solid colors and sleek, straightforward designs. Upholstered dining benches are a stylish, modern seating alternative that can bring contemporary style to the next level in a dining area! White and cream seating options contrast nicely with dark, wooden tables.

To avoid a dull dining area that consists of only clean edges and minimalistic pieces, it’s always ideal to pick some ornamentation. Stunning decorative objects bring a bold, art-deco vibe to your design with ease. Whether it’s a sculpture, a photo frame, or a decosphere, metal is the way to go! Unique metal pieces balance the contrasting colors of the Maddox Dining Room and add reflection and texture.