Samperstone Living Room

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Power Reclining Sectional Living Room Idea

The Samperstone Living Room combines sleek and simple pieces with elegant and eye-catching accents, so you get the best of both worlds! With furniture inspired by both modern and transitional vibes, and a tasteful mix of bright and dark colors, this room idea is sure to impress friends and family. It is designed to suit those who are looking for a unique look and sophisticated accents – if you’re not sure how to decorate your home, check out this power reclining sectional living room idea to get the classiest living room on the block!

Power recliners are truly the essence of relaxation and bliss. To really amp up the comfort in your living room, we have a wide selection of recliners. You can kick back and enjoy a movie with your family or take a much-needed break after work! A leather or faux leather option gives a sense of elegance and luxury, and complements this room design well. When it comes to colors, blacks and rich browns are handsome and versatile choices.

Your choice of rug can make or break the style in any room. Fortunately, bolder designs and simpler designs both match the power reclining sectional living room idea! If you have more brightly colored accent pieces, it may be best to stick with a neutral colored rug to avoid overpowering the centerpiece sofa. Geometric, contemporary designs add texture and novelty to complete this gorgeous room inspiration.

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