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The Weekends Only Guide to Space Saving, Multi-Use Furniture

These days, we're all doing double duty. From busy days at work, to hectic moments at home we have a lot on our plates! Add in the holidays and entertaining friends and family, it makes for busy times. When we take on so much in our day to day lives, shouldn't we expect that our homes make our lives easier, maximizing our space without sacrificing comfort or style? Wouldn’t it be nice if the furniture we buy is also able to do double duty, too?

At Weekends Only, we think it should. That's why we're big fans of furniture that's both sturdy and adaptable -- furniture that fits your busy lifestyle. Whether you call it convertible, multi-use, or space saving, this furniture gives you more bang for your buck. Keep reading for ways you can incorporate these pieces into your home, as well as our top picks.

Reasons to Shop for Space Saving or Convertible Furniture

If you've realized that your current furniture just aren't cutting it any longer, it may be time to think bigger. Here are just a few reasons to consider furniture that transforms for multiple uses.

  • You have a small space
  • You like a clutter-free home
  • You need furniture that serves multiple purposes
  • You need more storage
  • You want to be able to accommodate guests

The biggest question to ask yourself is this: Will this convertible furniture work with my lifestyle?

Think about the way you prefer to live. Do you routinely eat dinner on the couch as you watch the news or a favorite movie? Why spend money on a traditional dining table when you can buy a coffee table that lifts into a dining set? Does your growing child need a new bed? You could buy a standard bed, or you could really maximize your dollar by purchasing a bunk bed that comes with a desk for schoolwork. There are plenty of smart solutions to your most common problems, and we can help you find them.

Sleepers and Convertible Sofas

Maybe you don't have a guest room. What you DO have is a best friend who drops by unannounced or a brother who needs to stay at your place for a little while. We have some ideas that will help you extend a helping hand to your guests while you keep your home looking neat and tidy. Our sleepers and convertible sofas are just what you need! For instance, we love this charming traditional sofa -- the Astoria Gray Linen Sofa Chaise -- which is perfect for smaller living rooms and goes well with just about any decor. Plus, just look at what it can do!

With a pop-up sleeper and ottoman and a chaise that offers storage for bedding, this piece is a sofa, a bed, and a storage chest, all in one!

We also offer simple sleeper solutions in a chic, modern style, perfect for a new apartment. One of our favorites is this Vento Mustard Convertible Sofa. It leans back to provide extra space for snoozing. It even has a USB port, so you can charge your phone!

Beds that Do More

If you have kids, you know how cluttered a kid's bedroom -- and the entire house -- can get. So, when you shop for a big boy or big girl bed, why not look for one that can store extra things or provide extra space for your growing kiddos?

We're big fans of this Phoenix Full or Twin-size bed. It comes with a bookcase headboard as well as drawers for additional storage under the bed.

Kids bunk beds and loft beds are the ultimate space savers, and we know plenty of kids who love them! School-age kids, in particular, can benefit from a bunk bed/desk combo. One of our biggest sellers is the Sleepover Loft Bunk Bed. As you can see, sleepovers are easy when there's so much sleeping space! The cool design and built-in desk are great bonuses.

Adults who want a space-saving bed with extra storage have a range of styles to choose from. One of our favorites is this Hudson Bay Queen Sleigh Storage Bed.

Tables that Can Hold a Little Extra

If you're like many of us, you spend lots of time on the couch, even when you're not relaxing! Extra work is done from the couch, online meet-ups are attended, popcorn is eaten, and games are played. If this is true for your family, why not make your coffee table multi-functional? We think these lift-top tables are a great option for busy people.

We're big fans of the Bolanburg White Farmhouse Coffee Table, which comes in white or black. With a lift-top surface and tons of storage, it's an essential piece of furniture for your living room.

Another big seller is the Todoe Dark Gray Lift-Top Coffee Table. The contemporary grey color and the more modern industrial look make this the perfect compliment to a studio loft.

Space-Saving Dining Sets

Many of our shoppers want to make the best use of an eat-in kitchen. For these customers, a smaller dining table with extra storage space is the perfect solution. Maybe a convertible kitchen island or cart is the best way to conserve space with style? We're proud to offer pieces that are so stylish that you can't wait to show them off.

For example, just look at this sleek piece, the Asbury Park Gray 3 Piece Counter Set. With wine storage and a double drop-leaf table, it can serve as a kitchen island as well as a dining table.

Finally, a different take on space-saving furniture! For a young couple with a lot of style but not a lot of space, this collapsible dining set is ideal. The solid iron table and stools are all contractible. Plus, the color, style, and textured wood are both industrial chic and completely on trend.

Furniture that Charges Your Phone

Admit it. You use your phone a LOT. You probably have it in your hand right now. And if you have family members who depend on their electronic devices, too, you probably also have a charger in every outlet.

To meet this modern-day problem, Weekends Only offers built-in solutions, like this Craftsman chairside table that contains multiple hidden USB ports.

Or, this Allegra nightstand. You'd never suspect that, along with its felt-lined drawers, it contains an in-unit power supply for electronics and a hidden drawer for valuables.

For the home office, consider this cutting-edge slate USB port lamp -- not only space-saving and convenient, but sophisticated, too.

Add a Little Warmth To Your Electronics

As the weather gets cooler the idea of cozying up to the fireplace feels like an ideal way to spend the evening. A cozy fire, one of your favorite shows on television, and a warm mug of something yummy; what could be better?

We can help make this evening a reality with a wide range of options, even if your home lacks a fireplace. Our electric fireplace TV stands are perfect for adding some cozy ambiance to your space, without taking up a lot of room. An electric fireplace entertainment center, like this Cole 68' Fireplace TV Stand, is more than just a pretty piece of furniture. It is also a smart way to revamp your room. Electric fireplaces are an eco-friendly and cost- and energy-efficient way to warm up your space. Best of all, they are safe for use around children and pets.

Count on Weekends Only to Provide You Beautiful Choices for Your Home at Budget-Friendly Prices

As you can see, furniture is evolving to meet the space-saving needs of busy homeowners and apartment dwellers. The best part? It's affordable.

If you need to free up space or purchase a piece of furniture that will adapt to your family's needs, rely on a Weekends Only team member to help! We're happy to give you suggestions for each room in your home -- suggestions that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Browse online, or visit one of our stores today.